Frank and grandson Francisco in 1996
Rascoe Pecans                                        Waco, Texas

Texas Pecans Grown Without Chemicals..............Our Story

 The late Frank L. Rascoe founded Rascoe Pecans in the 1980's, fulfilling his long time dream to start a pecan orchard on the banks of the Brazos River.  The farm, just outside of Waco city limits off FM933 Gholson Road in Chalk Bluff, produces "paper shell" improved varieties (Pawnee, Kiowa, and Desirable), and was certified Texas Organic for many years until 2012, when the Texas Organic certification fees had risen to an unaffordable level.  The farm continues to use the same organic methods of cultivating, yielding a product free of chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide residues.  Frank planted many early pecan varieties, so Rascoe Pecans usually has current year pecans available as early as October. 

Frank passed in 1997, shortly after the first trees he planted began producing organic pecans so delicious that Frank won a top award at the Heart of Texas Fair.  Many customers tell us they are the best pecans they've ever had.  Frank's wife, Sue, honored  Frank's pecan legacy by insuring that the pecan orchard was well cared for.  She partnered with Waco non-profit organization World Hunger Relief, Inc.(WHRI) to produce organic pecans that they sold in their farm store and to train farm interns in organic farming methods.  Today, Rascoe Pecans is managed by Frank's daughter and son-in-law, Gail and Mark Blanpied, and we are now offering Frank's award-winning pecans for sale online!. (Frank would be proud)
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